PlayStation 4 Fat – 500Gb (USED)


  • Sony PS4 FAT HDD Official 1 Wireless Controller with All AccessoriesSealed Official Edition All accessories, including a wireless controller, are packed 10/10. HDR 4K gaming.
  • When the PlayStation 4 first arrived in 2013, there was just a single 500GB model available, placing all buyers on a level playing field in terms of memory capacity and console potential.
  • By the end of the PS4 console lifecycle in 2021, 117 million PS4s have been sold worldwide, awesome!
  • During the PS4’s lifespan, two additional variants were produced, the “slim” and “pro,” which we’ve detailed below, along with technical specs and the most commonly asked questions about each system.
  • Fortunately, regardless of model, each of the models plays all PS4 games produced, which means that even if you own the first “fat” console from 2013, it’s still compatible with all PS4 games released up to today!